How to Identify the swiss replica watches uk?

Posted by Mireille - December 3rd, 2015

5Some replica rolex sellers in order to improve the sales, they make false propaganda on product features, and make the mark “100 meters of waterproof, watchcase never wear” of on the back cover and so on, for this publicity, the consumer must have rational judgment.

Ways to indentify the Natural diamond, synthetic diamond, Rhinestone (glass):

The Natural diamond is the hardest of all objects with a level 10 hardness, synthetic diamond of 8-9; level hard and the Rhinestone (glass)’s hardness is lower than that of natural diamond and synthetic diamond, and it is fragile. Synthetic diamond and Rhinestone’s prices are cheap, with every one only 0.1- 0.2 yuan. Therefore, when buying swiss replica watches uk with natural diamond, you must pay attention to the authenticity, when necessary just take it to the relevant departments for detection.

Ways to identify K gold, gold-plated, acid plating gold:

The surface color of the K gold, gold-plated, acid plating gold is yellow, which is not easy to distinguish, and it is difficult to distinguish in the absence of instrument to detect. Some swiss replica watches uk labeled 10 K gold shell as the18 K gold shell, some even make the Gold-plated shell as K gold shell. In addition, the thickness of the plating layer of the Gold-plated shell is also difficult to determine. Some swiss rolex replica uk marked gold-plated 3 micron, actually doesn’t even have 1 micron, and the gold color of the watches faded completely swiss replica watches uk after wearing more than one year. What’s more, the aluminum alloy shell of the acid plating gold is introduced as does not fade within insurable years, actually it becomes black gold after using less than half a year, even lost the antirust ability. When consumer is buying gold swiss replica watches uk, you must ask it clearly so as to get a fully K gold watches without being deceived.

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